Returnable Packaging

Looking to get your company lean and green?
On average, one Protektive Pak returnable box can replace up to 10 paper boxes!

Constructed with double-thick sides and double- or triple-thick ends, Protektive Pak In-Plant Handlers and Circuit Board Shippers are extremely durable. They withstand the abuse of transporting, making them a great choice for returnable packaging. After transporting product to another facility, the boxes can be reused to ship more product or collapsed and stored for future use.

37050 and 37150

Returnable and Reusable Packaging per ESD Handbook ESD TR20.20 section
"In some situations, packaging may be designed for reuse or return to the original supplier. In this way the package may be reused numerous times. Examples of these types of ESD protective packaging are hinged containers, boxes, and other rigid or semi -rigid containers. The initial cost of these packages may be relatively expensive. However, if the appropriate collection and recycling system is used, the container may be the least expensive choice over time".