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Protektive Pak In-Plant Handlers
Plastek™ In-Plant Handlers provide both ESD and physical protection for ESD sensitive circuit boards and components, with lid in place. Shielding creates a “Faraday Cage” restricting electrostatic charges to exterior making them suitable to ship or store ESD sensitive items outside an ESD Protected Area (EPA). In-Plant Handlers meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 and Packaging Standard ANSI/ESD S541.

Constructed from conductive fluted plastic material that is both chemical and moisture resistant. Plastek™ In-Plant Handlers include a static dissipative foam pad providing ESD and shock protection, steel wire frame for extra strength, and conductive plastic handles for ease of handling while providing a reliable path-to-ground.


Find the optimal size In-Plant Handler that you need.
See our Tek-Search function to find the right In-Plant Handler for your circuit board. Enter in the size of our board (length x width x thickness) and you will find a list of the most efficient      In-Plant Handlers.


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