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Protektive Pak offers hundreds of standard sizes and styles of ESD containers. While these can solve most material handling and storage requirements, sometimes a custom product is needed. We will design and build nearly any special requirement you have. We offer a combination of experience, quality, utility, design and responsiveness to provide you the best possible value. We will work with you to create the best solution; make a request for us to fabricate a prototype product at no cost. We will recommend the best materials for your specific needs. Our focus is on ESD control using our proprietary impregnated corrugated material or our Plastek extruded sheet. Our goal is to provide you with a product at a reasonable cost in a timely manner.

Custom of the Month


  • Reel Storage Container for small and narrow reels

Material(s) Used:

  • Dissipative Impregnated Corrugated

Unique Features:

  • Internal Partition Set to hold reels upright
  • Small size for small shelving space
  • Back panel of container used for labeling reel components

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